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About us

Travel, Nature and Our life

We are a group of like-minded common people from various walks of life. We are different from each other in many ways, but have one thing common between us—we want to share our beautiful experiences through life.

It is primarily a need to express our enjoyment, but the real joy happens when you also enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Travel is our main theme. Travel related articles are primarily based on direct experiences and positioned towards helping a seeking traveller. Under Travelogue, all travel related articles are grouped in various categories such as Himalayas, Forests, Seaside or Heritage. At present majority of the articles are on Himalayan destinations.

Though travel is the main theme, we recognize that we travel within Nature, and after all travels, we return home to carry on through daily life joys that is Our life.

For better exploration of the site you may use our Site guide.