Kailash Manas Sarovar Yatra, looking back - Day 6 Journey from Gala to Malpa

Kali river from Malpa camp, 1994

At the end of the trekking we reached Malpa

Yatra: July- August 1994: Day 6, (22/07/1994): Gala (2375 Meter) - Jipti – Malpa (2018 Meter): 16 KM

Location and Route map for the day is given below:

Location map of Malpa

Location map of Malpa

On 22rd morning, we left the Gala campsite at 6.00 A.M in the morning after having Bournvita and carrying our paratha packets for breakfast. After a slight uphill trek for about 2 km, we reached Jipti. The Shiva idol was installed at Jipti after performing puja by Sh. Rawal.

Installation of Shival idol at Jipti, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Installation of Lord Shiva at Jipti by Sh. Rawal

We met these village girls on their way to school.

Three village girls going to school, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Three village girls going to school

We also saw the village girl carrying basket to collect wood or fodder for their home.

Girl with the basket, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Girl with the basket

The famous 4444 steps spread over 3 km started after we passed Jipti.

View of Kali river from start of 4444 steps, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) View of Kali river from the starting point of 4444 steps

While going down the steps, it was difficult to keep balance. From Ganesh, we learnt the technique of placing our feet in a skewed position instead of a straight position while going down the steps. I also realized the actual reason for buying two size bigger shoes that was advised at the time of briefing at Delhi. After going down 4444 steps, we reached a narrow road along Kali River. We watched the mighty Kali River rushing against the boulders.

Mighty Kali River splashing on rocks with strong current accompanied us all the way till we reached Malpa.

Roaring Kali river, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Roaring Kali river

One can easily imagine the boulders as Lord Shiva immersed in the Kali Ganga River.

Gushing Kali river, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Gushing Kaliganga River

At one point, while taking the picture, Ganesh’s umbrella, which he was carrying on his shoulder, fell and got stuck in the bush down the gorge. Another ITBP person, following us, tried to ‘rescue’ the umbrella by prostrating on the ground. In this process, his cap followed the umbrella. Finally, he succeeded in lifting up both the umbrella and the cap.

Kali river view where umbrella of Gansesh fell, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) View of Kali river at the place where Ganesh’s umbrella fell

Ganesh and the umbrella rescuing person showed us the two-step Najang falls falling from two heights. We were told that the name of the place is Najang.

Two-step Najang falls, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Two-step Najang falls

They also told us that the path leading to Malpa is on the other side of the river. So we went up and up to reach the upper level of Najang falls, and crossed the river using the bridge made of tree trunk.

Bridge over Kali river, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Bridge across the Kali River

Path leading to Malpa, Day 6

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Path leading to Malpa

While moving on the narrow stoned path, water was dripping on us from the mountain above us.

On our way to Malpa, we passed by another waterfall flowing in eight streams. We stood near this umbrella falls, also called Captain Falls, for a while.

Alpana taking a break at Captain falls

Day 6 (22/7/1994) Alpana taking a break at Captain Falls

As we were nearing the Malpa camp, the mule track followed by us along the Kali River almost reached the level of the Kali River.

BSF boy Ganesh on the bank of Kali river near Malpa, Day 6

Day 6(22/7/1994) The BSF boy, Ganesh at the bank of Kali river

We reached Malpa at about 2.30 P.M. The rest house complex was comprised of three separate huts and was located at the foothill of a steep mountain on the bank of Kali River. Kali River was so near that we could touch the water. The hut assigned to the women members was closest to the river. Out of the excitement to be in the vicinity of the river, I completely forgot to take picture of the KMVN rest house at Malpa. While sitting outside, we saw some wild animals amidst the dense forest in the mountain above us.

View of Kali river from Malpa camp, Day 6

View of Kali River from Malpa camp

There was power failure in the evening. Taking advantage of the power cut, someone picked up the watch of our Liaison Officer only to be caught later by Mrs Sukhda. We were not aware of this happening as we were busy enjoying the view of Kali river.

Walking down 4444 steps made my toes sore. I kept compressing my toes with salt-water. Alpana got the ‘rolling pin‘ massaging done to her legs. We had a good chat with the manager. He was posted for three months at Malpa. He was very sad to remain away from his eight month old daughter at his home village at Nainital.

In August 1998, the whole Malpa village disappeared due to massive landslide that took lives of 221 persons including 60 pilgrims for Kailash Manas Sarovar Yatra.

Trip time: 
July – August 1994
Ocean River Mountain: 
Location map: 
Malpa camp
30° 2' 24.6084" N, 80° 45' 20.3004" E