Kailash Manas Sarovar Yatra, looking back - Day 7 Journey from Malpa to Budhi (Bundi)

Walking trail cut out of the mountain, on the way to Budhi

Yatra: July- August 1994: Day 7, (23/7/1994) Malpa (2018 Meter) to Budhi (Bundi) (2740 Meter) - 8 Km

At the end of the day’s trekking of the seventh day we reached Budhi from Malpa first by trekking along the Kali River using the mule track mostly shaded by the mountains at the lower level. As we gradually went uphill, the pine trees had protected us from direct sunlight.

Satellite map showing location of Budhi is given as under:

Satellite map of seventh day route, Kailash Manas Sarovar Yatra

Satellite map of the area we trekked on the seventh day

The route we followed during the day is given below:

Route map - Malpa to Budhi, Day 7

Route Map - Malpa to Budhi

We started from KMVN rest house of Malpa after 7.00 A.M. By the 7th day of our pilgrimage, after our experience of the uphill treks from Tawaghat to Pangu and Sirkha to Rungling top, uphill climb from Malpa to Budhi was relatively an easy walk along the gushing Kali River.

Kali river dancing down

Kali River dancing down the boulders

The walking trail was comfortably shaded with pine trees. We were also blessed with the water sprinkled by the mountains on us from time to time.

View of Kali river day 7

Day 7 (23/7/1994) View of Kali River

As we moved upwards towards Budhi, the river bed contained more of boulders.

Trek from Malpa to Budhi day 7

Day 7 (23/7/1994) Trek from Malpa to Budhi

At some places of the mule track, the path was very narrow and made by severing the mountain to an appropriate size. We watched people negotiating this zigzag path while carrying long pipes for laying water lines.

Walking trail created by cutting mountainside - Malp to Budhi day 7

Day 7 (23/7/1994): A typical walking trail created by cutting the mountains

The uphill climb was just before reaching Budhi camp with dense growth of pine trees.

View from mule track leading to Budhi camp

Day 7 (23/7/1994) View from the Mule track leading to Budhi

On our way, we met this shepherd boy with his herd of sheep and goat.

Shepherd boy with his herd - Malpa to Budhi day 7

Day 7 (23/7/1994) Shepherd boy with his herd

The Engineer–Doctor Couple, Sandeep Modi and Kalpana Modi did not miss a single opportunity to stand under the water dripping from the mountains. Kalpana informed me that every year they take a break from their work and only two of them visit different places leaving their two teenage sons with their parents. In 1994, it was Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage for them.

The Budhi camp site had four huts. One was given to men, one to women. Kitchen was in the hut at the upper level. Open area in front of the women’s hut was used as the dining space. The fourth hut belonged to the Prantiya Seema Rakshak (PSR).

Budhi camp day 7

Day 7 (23/7/1994) Budhi camp

The camp site was well maintained by the PSR personnel. It had a beautiful flower garden.

Flower garden in Budhi camp, day 7

Day 7 (23/7/1994) Flowers in the Budhi camp site

Trip time: 
July – August 1994
Ocean River Mountain: 
Location map: 
Budhi camp
30° 6' 8.7552" N, 80° 49' 43.2624" E