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It is the 25th and the smallest State in India and boasts of a rich fare of golden beaches on the emerald blue Arabian Sea.

Goa’s biggest attraction is in its golden sand beaches on the Arabian sea each with its own personality and attractions. In Baga, Palolem, Anjuna, Arambol, or Mandrem, you taste all kinds of beach personalities.

Its largest city Vasco da Gama has its fair share of beautiful beaches. Panaji is the capital of Goa.

Because of its long history of Portuguese occupation, Goa culture has an interesting mix of Western and Eastern cultures and architectures. From its whitewashed sky piercing churches to its crumbling forts, the mark of Western architecture is evident.

Not only for beaches, Goa is also famous for its spicy tasty foods. The rich mix of Portuguese cuisine and spices of India is the reason behind its specialty in foods.

Though tiny in size it attracts more than 2.5 million tourists a year. Indian States have unique attractive characteristics. Goa is no exception. In India it is one of the jewels of tourist destinations.

To make your visit rich with understanding and appreciation, before embarking on a trip to Goa, you should know something about the Portuguese occupation and the Annexation.

Our story in Bengali is based on Vasco da Gama, the largest city of Goa.


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