Breathtaking Khajjiar lake, unforgettable Himachal Pradesh

Location & Description

Khajjiar is under Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh in the western Himalayas. It is about 23 kms from Chamba in the west and about 22 kms from Dalhousie in the East. Both Chamba and Dalhousie being nearby, day tourists from these two larger towns often frequent the Khajjiar glade returning back in the evening. The unique Mandi rich in heritage known as Varanasi of the West is also nearby.

Main attraction is the breathtaking Khajjiar glade with Khajjiar lake lying at its center and two sides surrounded by tall old thick forest coming down from nearby Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary at 8000 ft. In fact, one trek starts high up right from Kalatop and ends after 12 kms of unforgettable undulating hike through deep high altitude forest to Khajjiar. 

Amidst the forest are small villages which itself are important tourist attractions.

Around the glade are the main group of staying places, hotels and Govt. rest houses, whereas there are sprinkling of habitations spread around forming Khajjiar town.

Just outside the Khajjiar glade is the famous Khajjia Naga temple dated as far back as 12th century AD, which attracts large number of pilgrims during the year

The glade is covered by soft green grass and large enough to accommodate 1000 odd people without any crowding.

Though most of the tourists come here for a day's refreshing trip from nearby towns, unless you stay at Khajjiar for 3 to 4 days and soak in the pristine deep green nature by moving around, you would not be able to appreciate the true beauty of Khajjiar.

You may refer to our Travel Guide on Khajjiar for more detailed information on Khajjiar and attractions and destinations around it.


Khajjiar HP
32° 33' 20.862" N, 76° 3' 56.0988" E
Himachal Pradesh IN