Koina river flowing along forests and hills in Jharkhand

Land of forests and natural wealth

Jharkhand meaning “The land of forest” is a relatively new Indian State formed out of Bihar in 2000.

It is home to the famous Chhotonagpur Plateau and Saranda Sal forest. It accounts for nearly 40% of mineral reserve of this country, but at the same time it is highly impoverished. Ironically the deep poverty perhaps originates from its overall hilly and forest covered terrains of great natural beauty below which lie its rich mineral wealth resulting in few cultivable rich croplands.

Jharkhand not only had great Sal forests close to our hearts, many of its towns were famous for the mineral rich health-giving water which attracted the rich from neighbouring States set up their leisure homes in these towns.

The State population has Tribal majority and historically these free-spirited tribal groups revolted against the exploitation of Zaminders and the British Colonials time and again. Jharkhand history is a history of revolts which today has culminated in large concentration Naxalite-Maoist influence in the forests of Jharkhand.

Still what Jharkhand has can greatly satisfy the needs of nature lovers.

Tourist places in Jharkhand

The State is home to the most prominent Dams and very large reservoirs of Damodar Valley Corporation in Maithan, Panchet, Tilaiya each of which has its own tourist welcoming facilities. In addition, Jharkhand has numerous waterfalls of special beauty, Hundru, Dassam, Johna and so on.

Due to its hilly forests all over the State, a number of popular eco-tourism spots gained prominence for lovers of rivers, hills and Sal forests. Manoharpur, Betla National Park, Hazaribagh, Kiriburu, Netarhat, Dalma National forest, Palamau Tiger reserves are the major attractions along with Ranchi and its outskirts.

Parasnath hill is an astonishingly large forest-clad hill rising 4500 ft from the ground. Shikharji Jain temple, an important Jain pilgrimage site is situated at the top of the Parasnath hills.

Numerous rivers Damodar, Barakar, Sone, Ajay, Mayurakshi, Subarnarekha, Brahmani, North Koel, South Koel, Karo, Koina flow through the undulating forest-clad hills to mesmerize the wilderness nature lover.

Our stories are on Manaoharpur and Garu which is just outside Betla National Park.


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