River Koina flowing towards the hills Manoharpur

Location & description

Manoharpur is a small town in Manoharpur Block in West Singhbhum District of the Indian State of Jharkhand. Its importance arises because of its beautiful location with three rivers South Koel, Karo and Koyena surrounding it as well as nearby open air iron ore mines and the famous Saranda forest.

You can stay in the homely environment of Santoor Guest House where the food and hospitality was great. You can hire a Bolero for the day at a reasonable rate and with packed lunch spend the whole day among the serene Sal forests and rivers.

Away from the usual tourist route, Manoharpur is a hidden jewel for the pure nature lovers.

Best time to visit

The tourist season starts after monsoon from September when the forests become green and rivers would have good amount of water. You may not be able to walk on the river bed.

Winter in December January is very cold and the tourist season ends in middle of March after which the area becomes very hot.

First week of March is a great time to visit the place when you can wade through all the three rivers.

Rail route

It has a nearby railway station where a number of major trains stop. From Kolkata the most convenient train is Ispat Express that starts from Howrah in the morning and reaches Manoharpur around 12.45. After leaving Tatanagar Jn, Manoharpur is the third stop on the way to Rourkela.

Weekend gateway to Saranda forests

Because of its nearness to both Kolkata and State headquarters Ranchi, it is a great weekend destination for spending 48 to 72 hours among dry forests and wan rivers.


Manoharpur JH
22° 22' 5.6532" N, 85° 12' 14.8464" E
Jharkhand IN