Beautiful Nagzira lake, Maharashtra

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Nagzira Tiger Reserve situated in Gondia district of Maharashtra is a relatively small reserve forest with restricted tourist movement, but well-stocked with birds and animals. It is a part of the Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger reserve, though attraction of Navegaon is mainly for its very large lakes and variety of birds. Movement in Navegaon is not restricted, and you can move on the banks of the lake or hire boats to row in the still waters of the large lake.

Nagzira in contrast is the home of a large variety of animals and birds, and except in the area of the Tourist complex right beside the beautiful Nagzira lake at the heart of the forest, you cannot walk in the forest. Movement in the forest is allowed in specific times and only by car or open Gypsy from which you cannot get down in the midst of forest.

The forest is well stocked with Cheetal, Sambar, Gaur, Wild dogs, Leopards and birds. Tiger population varies because the forest is connected with other forests in Central India, and tigers usually move over a large area.

Chances of tiger sighting is less in Nagzira compared to say, Tadoba, but the beautiful forest, large variety of other animals and birds along with the jewel of a lake at its heart more than compensate for lack of tiger sighting.

It is possibly the only Tiger Reserve with staying facility at the core area, that too beside the Nagzira lake which serves as the largest waterhole in the forest.

Resort bookings can be done online from the FDCM website.


Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary


Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM)


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