Lunglei hills playing with the clouds in Mizoram

Location & Description

In many ways the 23rd Indian State of Mizoram is unique. It has the highest percentage of population adhering to the religion Christianity as well as it has the highest proportion of population as tribal people called as Mizos.

It is the second highest literate State India and its economy is based on Agriculture. The State had a long history of violence starting from pre-Independence period right up to nineteen seventies. But, a series of positive actions from the Delhi decision makers ultimately saw peace reigning in the State for many years now.

Mizoram belongs to the Mizos who originated possibly in neighboring South-East Asian countries long ago.

Being located in the Southern-most tip of North-East India, its borders on the North are with three other sister North-Eastern States, Tripura, Manipur and Assam, on the West with Myanmar and on the East with Bangladesh. No Indian State has so many borders with other Indian States and other countries.

Geography, Climate and Tourism potential

The region being part of the Purvanchal Mountain Range, an extension of the Himalayas, it is mostly hilly of altitude around 2000 ft. The hills are covered with thick green forest with great variety of birds and animals.

Its climate is cool and rains are fairly heavy. For lovers of pristine natural beauty, Mizoram should be a very attractive destination.

It has two National Parks Murlen and Phawngpui National Park and no less than six beautiful wildlife sanctuaries rich with flora and fauna.

Two of the largest towns are the hill-stations, capital Aizawal and second largest town Lunglei.

Our travel story is on Lunglei.


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