Pangu camp

Pangu village today

Location & description

In 1994, Tawaghat to Pangu camp site was connected by a path winding up the hillside for only men and mules. It was a 10 km trek that ended in a open flat area where the camp complex provided shelter for the night to tired pilgrims.

The altitude increases from 914 meters in Tawaghat to 2225 meters at Pangu. 7000 ft altitude is higher than most of the hill stations in India.

It was suitably cold and windy up there.

No habitation around could be found in the gathering evening.

Today, a regular motor road stretches much further than Tawaghat bypassing the old route.

By Pangu village the name of Tyongi Pangu comes up which is a regular village.


Pangu camp
29° 59' 7.908" N, 80° 37' 22.4112" E