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Travel is our main theme. Travel related articles are primarily based on direct experiences and positioned towards helping a seeking traveller. Under Travelogue, all travel related articles are grouped in various categories such as Himalayas, Forests, Seaside or Heritage. At present majority of the articles are on Himalayan destinations.

Though travel is the main theme, we recognize that we travel within Nature, and after all travels, we return home to carry on through daily life joys.

Stories on Nature and Interests in life around form the Nature and Our life contents.

The Explore destinations drop down list on the left side of the screen contains brief details on all related destinations on which our authors wrote their experience based stories. Though the details are brief, we have included important external links for each destination.

Associated Google map at the bottom of a story or destination contains a destination map as also a link to open full map on a separate window. You are urged to explore the maps if you feel the need.

Lastly, a small tip: click on any picture in a post to enlarge it to full screen view for better appreciation.

How to find and read content

Using the Main menu is straightforward. Tags provide further help to find a piece of content by categorizing contents. At the end of each article different categories of tag links are provided for further exploration. Click on any to see the result.

Additionally, the search window expands if you position your cursor on the search icon on the right of the Main menu.

How to use the menus

The main menu is at the top right. It has four top level Menu links - Travelogue, Nature, Our life and World. Under the World category all stories based on international locations other than India are grouped together.

Main Menu hover: Place your mouse pointer on Travelogue and its submenu will drop down. Each of the submenu items, Himalayas, Forests, Seaside, Heritage and so on represents a category of stories with text and photo. Click on the submenu item Himalayas to see a list of all articles on Himalayas in the form of a picture with title and author. Click on any to open the story.

While reading a story you can alo see a list of related stories on the right top of the story.

Related stories: When you open a story article, the related stories of same category (say seaside) appear on the right top of the article. By clicking on the navigation arrow you may scroll through all the related story thumbnails. On click of any of these the corresponding story will open.

A powerful set of information is available on the left sidebar Explore destination menu.

Explore destination menu: In this vertical menu only the list of countries covered is visible. Place your mouse pointer on any of the country, say India to get the drop down list of its States, regions or cities under the country. Each menu item having a faint right arrow has a drop down list waiting to be explored. Clicking on any menu item in this menu will open the corresponding destination article. A destination article on any destination say India, will describe briefly a rich set of useful information to the explorer.

The third menu has utility and information functions contained in User menu at the bottom of the screen.

How to reach Home, the front page of the site

You get three places clicking on any of which will take you to the welcome front page with side-wise moving banner picture at the top. These are, the Home icon on the left of the main menu, the Site name Travel Nature Us on the left of the screen and the Everest logo still further left of the site name.


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In any case do feel free to contact us to let us know what you have in mind. Your constructive suggestions will be a big help to us for making continuing improvements.

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Feeds are available with pages for each of the pages. Additionally you can subscribe to Sitewide feed also. Feeds allow lists of new published article to be mailed to you. Feel free to avail of the facility by clicking on the small feed icon at the bottom left of each such page.


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Happy journey.