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Switzerland is aptly named ‘Heaven on earth’; the mighty Alpine mountains embedded with snow covered glaciers, innumerable glittering lakes, mystic forests, vast undulating  pastures, never ending vineyards have all added to the grandeur of the landscape.

One can reach, touch and feel these otherwise inaccessible exotic natural places by various transport options such as cable cars, gondolas, funiculars and cogwheel rails etc. which are fine examples of engineering and technical marvel.

Tourists as well as locals are spoilt for choices as regards outdoor sports.

Switzerland is almost synonymous with snow and in winter ski lovers flock to the mountains to pursue their favourite sport.

With onset of summer, the layers of snow melt away exposing the emerald valleys; tiny wild flowers start peeping out and soon adorn the meadows with a multi-hued carpet; the sparkling sky smiles down at the crystal clear water of the lakes; the tinkling of cow bells reverberating in the air completes the ambience.

Hiking trails lure the able bodied travellers; biking through the difficult mountain passes, paragliding in the azure sky, white water rafting in raging rivers, swimming in the lakes bring ultimate pleasure.

The rustic Swiss vibe is beautifully flavoured with modern urban culture. Medieval towns rich with ancient castles, churches, bridges etc. go hand in hand with ravishing modern architecture, alluring famous restaurants, chic outlets of the best global brands of apparels, perfumes and all other types of consumables.

The attractions are limited not only to the gifts of nature; the mouth watering chocolates, ice creams, Swiss knife and Swiss watches of extremely superior quality are equally attractive.


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